The rise of the smart city is a defining moment for the Internet of Things evolution as diverse technologies are getting amalgamated into large-scale, multi-layered solutions for the benefit of entire nations. Taking the center stage as a IoT platform technology provider, Vision Valley delivers an essential glue for this transformation. Vision Valley is at the forefront in the development and delivery of smart cities integration, making substantial reductions in Risk, carbon footprint, energy, maintenance and operational costs while improving safety, cyber security, human comfort and productivity. We have developed and leverage a range of leading edge technologies, platforms, sensors of all descriptions, Cyber Security, IoT, Cloud, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Secure and resilient Communications Protocols. The result is: Very smart and intelligent buildings, facilities, hotels, retail, shopping centers, data centers, infrastructure, spaces, cities, manufacturing and agriculture.

Our integration, data interpretation & turnkey solutions, innovation, multi-disciplinary engineering team and management are the glue that ensures results are pushing dollar value to the budget bottom line while reducing carbon and pollution impacts to our environment

Smart city solutions powered by the Spectro IoT Platform place specific emphasis on the efficient use of the road infrastructure, public service facilities, and smart buildings.

Integrated with Spectro IoT Platform, smart meters, sensors, and device gateways can be used for real-time monitoring of local and city-wide electrical power distribution, consumption of water, gas emissions, traffic load, and other city vitals.

Oblivious waste of natural resources could be finally a thing of the past — at the same time, IoT-enabled public transportation, waste disposal, and public safety solutions could set a new standard of comfortable urban living.

Main Features

  • Smart Metering

  • Smart Lighting

  • Smart Parking

  • Public Safety

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Embracing smart cities is the only viable path to sustainable living in modern times. It is also a new frontier for technology, so be prepared Call us now.

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