Easily connect machines, remotely monitor and manage devices, and get real-time analysis of production data with Vision Valley manufacturing solutions.

The Industrial IoT represents a variety of IoT applications, smart product design principles, and data-driven automation practices in the industrial sector of economy. It widely utilizes modern sensor technology to enhance different types of equipment with remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities. On a larger scale, the Industrial IoT is a key element of Industry 4.0, or smart factory, trend of automation, which brings together modern cloud computing, IoT, and AI to create intelligent, self-optimizing industrial equipment and facilities.

Here are the benefits of Spectro IoT applications: The Industrial Internet of Things is a strategic priority for manufacturing companies as it allows them to give more value to their customers as well as improve cost-efficiency of their internal operations. Smart features become a major selling point for modern industrial equipment, not the least because simplifying field service and reducing TCO for the customer. Enabled with IoT, separate parts of a production line communicate with each other in near real time and makes the entire manufacturing process much easier to monitor and control. Finally, IoT promotes more flexible, open architectures that support greater customization and digital upgrades across tens of thousands of devices.

With Vision Valley’s IoT solutions, customers will be able to connect their production facilities. Being hardware and transport a gnostic, Vision Valley IIoT solution will easily integrated with a broad variety of sensors, controllers, machines, and device gateways, giving you all the benefits of cloud-based access and control over your assets. Our solutions allow you to track telematics and sensor data, provision new devices and manage their lifecycle, execute remote commands and run OTA updates, create smart rules for autonomous device behavior, and many more.

On the connectivity and data processing levels, our solutions offer an out-of-the-box support of modern protocols, such as MQTT, and can be used together with popular data management systems and databases for seamless integration with your existing backend. Its open interfaces allow you to minimize integration and DevOps chores and rapidly assemble end-to-end IoT applications for industrial systems automation, predictive maintenance, and remote monitoring. Our solutions also provide a flexible web dashboard tool for setting up data visualization widgets, which simplify production monitoring routines for your operators and managers.

Main Features

  • Production line remote monitoring

  • Unified factory wide interconnectivity

  • Predictive maintaince

  • Workforce tracking

  • Energy management

  • Industrial automation makes a new evolutionary breakthrough with the help of IoT. Are you there yet? Call us now.

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